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Hire a Cheap Car in Germany to Visit its Beautiful Places

Germany Brandenburg Gate

Drive the autobahns of Germany in your rental car

German Road SignThe Germans are very proud of their road network, as well they should, for driving your rental car in this country is sheer delight, and providing you obey the rules of the road, your experience will be a good one so that when you’re back home stuck in a traffic jam, or at a major roadwork’s bottleneck, you can look back with envy at your hire car driving in Germany.

They drive on the right, as in most EU countries, and their highway code is similar to the UK, with the exception of all speed signs are in kilometres, 50kph in built up areas, 100kph on highways, and 130kph on motorways and autobahns. The same rules apply to use of mobile phones without hands free, and children seated in the back in adequate restraints.ie child seats if necessary, also in the event of a breakdown a warning triangle must be displayed to the rear of the vehicle at an appropriate distance to warn other road users. A good first aid kit is also a requirement, so make sure your car rental company provides you with one.

Police are empowered to collect fines for minor traffic infringements on the spot, there is very little corruption in the force, so one needn’t be alarmed at this. Drink drivers are dealt with harshly here, and you can be penalised for as little as 0.03 milligrams of alcohol per millilitre of blood. My advice don’t do it, it’s not worth it. The same goes for driving when under the influence of drugs, prescription or otherwise. You’re in a great hire car in a beautiful country, with amazing scenery, and on fantastic roads, what more can you ask for?

Maybe rent an RV?

Whilst car hire is the cheapest mode of self drive transport, Germany campervan rental may be an option worth considering if travelling in a large group or you have a penchant for the outdoors

Drive in Across Germany by Renting a Car

Germany NighttimeYou will find one of the best road systems in Europe here, together with the strictest driving rules, vigorously enforced. So the driver should be aware at all times, of the rules and regulations.

They drive on the right here, and drivers should pay heed to the laws of approaching roundabouts, always give way to traffic on the roundabout, and traffic approaching from the left. Seatbelts are compulsory, both front and rear. The drink driving laws are particularly hazardous, with a legal limit of .5mg.allowed, much harsher than the UK. With a hefty fine, imprisonment, or both, for flouters of the law. The advice would be, don’t do it, it’s not worth it.

The speed limit in Germany is 50km/h, in towns, 100km/h, on open roads, and no speed limit on the autobahns, unless restricted to 130km/h. by blue circled road signs.

If you have sat/nav, or gps equipment or your cell phone is fitted with a radar trap warning system, these are all illegal here, and just switching them off is not enough. They must not be in the vehicle.

A first aid kit and headlamp convertors is compulsory, and set of spare light bulbs is advisable.You must have a valid photo ID driving licence, to be carried at all times.

Before Car Rental in Germany – You Need to Know

German VisaVisa are not a requirement for EU visitors, though travellers from elsewhere should enquire at their local embassy.

Courtesy is high on the Germans list of expectation, and calling a German by his first name, without being invited to do so, will be frowned upon. When dining in company it is customary to say “guten appetite” before the meal, the answer would be “gleichfalls”. It is also the custom to give flowers to your host, usually of an odd number. It is also polite to say “gut ten tag” on meeting, and before discussing any topic, and “auf weidersehen” on leaving. Casual dress is acceptable in some restaurants, theatres, and casinos, where a more attire is required. Smoking is prohibited on all public transport, and in government buildings, and where no smoking signs are displayed.

Germany Travel Guide

German CastleGermany is a central European country, of 357,021 sq.km. It has a population of 82.5 million, made up of 34% catholic, and 34% protestant. It borders Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland. It has 16 states, and a variable landscape of forests, lakes, mountains, and plains. In the west is The Rhine valley, The Black Forrest, and Bavaria. To the east is the Lake District. The major waterways are the Rhine, Danube, Elbe, Weser, Oder, and Ems. The highest peak in Germany is The Zugspitze, at 2,962m. The climate of Germany is temperate, with warm summers, May to September, and cold winters. Rain can fall at any time of the year, but the country does not get many extremes of weather, warmest 30C. And the coldest -5C.

The currency is The Euro, and the capital of Germany is Berlin. The official language is German, though French and English is widely spoken.

In 1993, after The Maastricht Treaty, The European Union was established. To which Germany was a co-signer.

Places to Visit in the Germany

Germany BeerGermany is a rich mixture of diversity, from its architecture, magnificent landscapes, untamed nature, peaceful forests, idyllic lakes and rivers, to the quiet and sombre university cities, and rip-roaring, beer drinking, night life centres.

The country offers many attractions for the tourist, one of which is the Bavarian Alps, A natural divide, between Austria, and Germany, with spectacular vistas of the mountain ranges. Here you are offered a splendid range of hiking, canoeing, and skiing facility’s a plenty. Together with 1st. class range of spas, for the traveller who prefers a more laid back type of holiday.

A visit to the Black Forest region is a truly wondrous experience. Here amid the dense forests, and mountain ranges, are dotted a number of visits worthy small towns.

Should your visit occur around Christmas time, you will see the cities and towns come alive, with colourful decorations, and street markets, where you can find everything from hand crafted souvenirs, to gingerbread men. Also much in evidence is the warming mulled wine, to help make the experience a jolly one.

Dresden, home of fine china, and famous dolls, was destroyed during the 2nd.world war, has been rebuilt to magnificent effect, The Frauenkirche church being a wonderful example. The city is the centre of the art world in Germany, and lovers of all things beautiful, should put Dresden on their itinerary.

Top Car Hire Locations in Germany

Entertainment in the Germany

German SausagesEating out, is a favourite pastime in Germany, with sausage, pork, ravioli, and Beer Keller Germany pancakes, being top of the list for diners, followed by Black Forest Gateau, all washed down with a copious amount of beer, that comes in many colours, and flavours. Schnapps is another of the country’s favourites, which comes in many flavours, and kirshwasser, which is a cherry flavoured spirit.

A great selection of night time entertainment is available, whether you prefer drinking beer from gigantic tankers, going to live music bars, or traditional folk music venues, small wine cellars, to the opera, or theatres, or the adult scene in Hamburg. Germany has it all, and the tourist will not be disappointed.

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